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274 North Terrace Hotel

274 North Terrace Hotel Development will be a hotel like no other.

Inherent in its corner location, this site operates as an urban gateway and has been designed to provide a ‘Front Room’ to Adelaide’s East End. Highly considered in its relationship to the street, the design has been tailored to reinforce the north-south axis of Frome road through formulation of an activated ground plane, conceived as an occupiable threshold built of the precinct’s past and present character.

In response to a growing ‘Micro Hotel’ trend, the 253 hotel rooms have been geared towards the younger tourist demographic and will provide a tailored accommodation experience ideally located adjacent the East End food and beverage precinct, educational precinct and Lot 14 Creation and Innovation Neighbourhood.

Born of the site’s unique proportions, a rational and modular design approach has informed the design of the hotel’s planning and façade expression.